Over the past several generations, humanity has witnessed remarkable changes on this fragile blue planet. Dramatic changes relating to the environment, culture, resources, economics and global relations are challenging us as never before. An increasing number of scientists, theologians and researchers are saying to us, our planet cannot sustain the resource demands and rising material expectations of nearly seven billion humans.

At the same time, a growing number of people all over the world have come to similar conclusions from their own everyday experience. Perhaps even more important, many of them are beginning to question the core economic and lifestyle assumptions they have grown up with. The strong rumbling thunder of change in the past few years has awakened a new generation of people acting from the heart of compassion in a way we have never seen before. People all over the world are beginning to redefine how they live with greater care for the earth and their fellow human beings. The changes are truly inspiring and continue to help us move forward with our visions of a better future. (More about our film)

Closer to Home is a film (now in post-production) that will integrate global trends and local choices. We will visit several visionary pioneers of eco-logical culture change in Lane County, Oregon. They will share with us the best of what they have learned and we will see what they are doing to help bring about a better world.

The Team at Closer to Home.

The view from Spencer's Butte, near Eugene, Oregon

The view from Spencer’s Butte, near Eugene, Oregon

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